Coming Across 520

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I loved coming into the city on 520 when @mistadq was still a Prospect for the Wheels. Almost every day during this time we traveled from Tacoma to work in Redmond and Bothell, then at night to the club and from there back home. There were alot of people who gave us a hard time about me coming to the club with but they didn’t understand the level of commitment we shared for him joining being that I had to be at work at 5:30 am and him at 8 am. This meant that we had to be up and going by 330 every morning, no small feat I can assure you. For a while we rode on the Goldwing which I could snooze well on, and then he got the VTX which took a bit of learning to nap on and not knock his helmet (HE HATES THAT). He would drop me off in Redmond then go on to Bothell and sleep in his office’s lobby for a few hours before work. When I got off of work I would doze in my work lobby.

At about 5:15 I would hustle down to the hill from my office, helmet in hand breathlessly waiting for him to come get me. He would pull up on the bike, “Hey Mama how was your day, 90 or 520”? I was always amazed at his good mood given our lack of sleep.

“520 honey 520!! It was fine but I missed you bunches.” Then I would wiggle up on the back of the bike clumsily. I never have been very graceful anyway and getting on and off these big bikes takes a little grace. He would oomph in frustration because Marlon never really understands when I am clumsy, and I would feel bad for a few minutes. Once I tortured him for a while to get situated and off we would ride.

I have found it only takes a few minutes on the motorcycle to get into that silent closeness with your guy and forget almost anything that might be stressing you, or him or the relationship out. I have met so many woman around the “set” who have a guy who rides but tell me they would never get on a bike. I am always amazed by this for several reasons. Firstly because if this is your guy and this is what he does the best way to be with him is riding. Secondly riding on the bike as a passenger is an exercise in submission and trust. I firmly believe that your man should be the leader of the home and the family; giving yourself to him as a passenger is a wonderful exercise in a relationship. To many of us women have been told we have to be control of everything and we make our men small. Riding with Marlon I have to give him everything, the way I move, my silence, my belief, right down to my life in his hands without question or things could go very wrong. Just like in our relationship I have to work at this, riding is such good practice, and the most fun I have being submissive.

I know there are many woman and even some guys who would disagree or even think it is weak to just let go, but as this video shows the world is wonderful as well as my guy from this perspective.

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