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Here is the problem, I can’t be the only one?

I have a my a network of blogs that I am involved in as an administrator and editor. Some of the blogs are solo endeavors. Some of them are group efforts. Some have unique editors. Some editors crossover between blogs, All of them have social media engagement but not at the same level. It is like herding cats some days when I sit down to my computer. I am excited to start using CoSchedule to help me get my act together.

How is one geek girl to wrangle the editorial process of so many blogs in one place without losing her mind?

CoSchedule is how I solve that problem. It allows me to:
  • Schedule blog posts and see that scheduling across my blog network.
  • As well as assign potential post ideas to blogs that have and editorial staff.
    • Integration with Evernote helps us capture ideas, manage research, organize plot elements, and write future posts. This is especially useful because you can convert the evernote note to a wordpress post.
    • Integration with google documents allows us to run a kind of HR/Doc info section for blog standards.
  • Push my posts to different social media accounts based on what is best for the particular blog.


Do all of your editors know how to create the featured images for a post? In my case some the editors although good writers are either are not necessarily technically savvy but also may not have the right applications to create those images. If you can get into the mode of scheduling posts out a few days or a week in advance you can assign the task of featured image creations to editors who are better suited for that task.

Sharing in Social Media.

Everyone who is anyone in web marketing will tell you that the best way to continue to engage your readers is to recycle content. CoSchedule has me covered here. You can social media posts to happen at different preset intervals or you can even add custom dates. So reengage all you like.

As I learn to use CoSchedule more what I am looking forward to most is it’s integration with Buffer. Which I use a lot but am disappointed it how the calendering works.

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