It Is Never Okay To Say The N-Word

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Let me be clear here white folks it is never okay for you to say the N-word.  NO you don’t love your black people.  NO you can not add an A or AH at the end and be cool.  I hate to be the thought police but, NO it is not okay to think it either, because if you are thinking it when you get drunk you’re going to say it.  We all know the real you comes out after a few shots.  Here is a case in point. Please don’t try to justify your racist behavior to me by telling me to you the definition is that of an ignorant person.  I am sure you have never ever ever used it to describe an ignorant white person, and if you have you are not only racist you are also stupid.  YES YOU ARE A RACIST, especially if you have to point out that your best friend is black and so is your niece.  Come on now we all know the deal now.  PLEASE CUT IT OUT, and no I do not forgive you!

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  1. If I am holding the iphone up and taking video, I would suggest in the future you understand if you say or do something stupid. I am going to call you on it. Just wait bet there will be blow back from this one Scott Murphy. Sometimes if feels like a woman crusade!!!

  2. Don’t just like it Shawn Byers watch the video and say something… “IGNORANT” people need to be told over and over again!

  3. Shawn Byers says:

    Kiki this a issue that has been around long before i was born. the belief that a certain race was uneducated. I walk way from people with this mine set.

  4. You hear me telling her SSHHH… she would not listen… All night she kept coming up to me and trying to justify her behavior it was pretty sad. I should add that the situation I was taking video of was not race based. The two black guys were pretty drunk and John the bouncer was trying to kick them out of the club. They started to get agressive with him. Because John rides and is in a Marine Vet club the other guys came to his assistance.

  5. Scott Murphy says:

    That girl. Whoever she is. A. Drunk B. Stupid C. Couldn’t Shut the Fuck Up and walk away after putting Foot in Mouth!

  6. We know who she is… I wish I could tag her ass… Maybe one of our friends will let me know if she is in my vast friends list 🙂

  7. So I can tag her and then shame the hell out of her infront of everyone…

  8. Shawn Byers says:

    2 wrongs don’t make it right

  9. Scott Murphy says:

    I agree. No they don’t

  10. Oh no shaming her is not wrong… Only way these type of people learn is when they see they are shown how vile their ideas are…

  11. Shawn Byers says:

    lil sister breath, and think with your heart.

  12. WOOFFFF!!! That is what I am doing!!!

  13. Fox Alwayssmiling Young I need your comment on this

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