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I am so tired of interviewing for companies like Kayzoe Marketing LLC  and them behaving poorly so I am going to start reviewing the experiences. Here is my review of .

I interviewed for this company for a web development “internship”. First off the format of a group interview for an IT position felt inappropriate to me. However after some discussion with the CEO Andrie in which he seemed responsive, I decided to participate. It seems like some of the perspective interviewees decided that it was not a good idea and only two of us showed up. Although I did feel the interview was mostly productive, Andrie never followed up after ,although I sent him a few polite emails. (I use an email tracking system for all emails I transact so I know he has read and ignored them)

One of the questions I always ask in response to the interview question of “Do you have any questions for us?” is “Do you like working here?” When the interviewer shifts in their seat and says “Well” it is always a red flag.

When someone offers your company the courtesy of considering you as a perspective employer. Especially an “INTERNSHIP”, which usually means work for free.  It is just reciprocated courtesy to give them a “Thanks but no Thanks.”

UPDATE 20130521

Today I was contacted by they want me to take my YELP post down. I don’t think so.

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UPDATE 20130529

Are you kidding me… Who in the world even advised them that this was possible. So it is harassment and defamation now to review what your experiences with a company has been? I mean so much for free speech. But that aside, how about the representatives of a company taking responsibility for how their actions may have effected someone negatively or positively and growing from it?  How many times have we seen companies act badly in response to unwelcome feedback and have that back fire on them?

Just so you know there is no Superior Court in Issaquah, nor do I need you to copy and paste the RCW’s being sure to highlight felony all through your email to make your point.  I am not so easily intimidated and mostly find your actions similar to that of a little boy. You point is a little confusing it you belief that it is harassment to respond to someones phone calls and emails or defamation to relay their experiences with your organization truthfully?  Your kinda going back and forth here so let’s get on one point and try to stick with it.

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