Sticks And Stones Biker Patch

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Biker Patch

  • Sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me biker patch. And Rihanna had to come up with a song for it as well!
  • Buy this S&M patch suitable for any masochist measuring 4×2 inches and embroidered in white.
  • Embroidered Patches are also known as iron on appliques, sew on badges, insignias or emblems.
  • This is a sew on patch. The patch has die cut borders. These patches can be sewn on to clothing including leather.
  • This is also an iron on patch. The patch has iron on plastic backing. The patch can be heat pressed on to clothing.
  • Please do not iron on patches to leather vests or jackets. Leather material will scorch from the applied heat. Take our word and do not attempt to iron on patches to leather. Patches should only be sewn on to leather.